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The website is all about elections and a wholistic guide to the conduct of elections in India. A one-stop source for all that you seek to know on Elections in the country.

The website offers huge mounds of information in an easy-to-navigate manner to help you sift, assess and analyse all the latest happenings in the world’s largest democracy. gives you all the information about the contesting parties, profiles of candidates, constituencies, and latest news related to politics and elections. In addition, it also gives you a detailed guide on how to register for voting, who can vote in India, what is the importance of voting and elections in our country, and so forth.

Politics affects us in every walk of our lives, no matter what we do for a living. This is why it has become the part and parcel of our daily lives. India is a democratic country and there are many political parties, both ruling and opposition, participating in its functioning.

The most sought after and related news is the political news. People are curious to know what exactly is going on in the political arena and want deeper insights into politics to be able to judge their candidate and his/her performance.

In fact, goes a few steps ahead and gives you all the information related to the government and the leaders as well, thus facilitating in your having a stronger say in political matters.

The recently introduced “Podcasts” section contains videos of campaigns held during General elections 2014 and activities by concerned politicians. The daily bytes are added on what is happening in the world of politics – who meets whom and who says what.

The site also runs a quiz section that comprises of questions about latest happenings in the field of Indian politics. Users get an opportunity to test their knowledge. The “Elections Blog” is another popular section carrying blog posts on important and topical issues. recently mirrored the entire elections process that took place in India for its audience - a huge success, we may say; it continues to bring to its users more in a much better frame - the next elections and so on...

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