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CLIENT      : Maruti Udyog Limited
WEBSITE   :http://www.mapsofindia.com/


The locator solution for Maruti Udyog Ltd, one of the leading car manufacturer in India, shows all the authorized service centers, dealers, true value outlets, and dealer show rooms that are located in the states, cities and major highways of India.


The requirement is an interactive flash based map solution, with zooming and panning facilities. The solution offers a web based administrative interface wherein Maruti officials have the freedom of adding, deleting and editing existing locations. It also provides the customer with the freedom of viewing select information on the map by putting ON/OFF buttons provided along with the map.


The Solution includes the following interfaces: -

Web -Module
  • The user interface shows an India Map with all the States made click able as shown in the figure below: -

  • The user has been given three drop down lists to choose from namely “Locate In States”, “Locate in Cities” and “Locate in Highways”, which they may use to go directly to the desired map page as shown in the fig above.

  • When the user clicks on any State or chooses any City/State/Highway from the dropdown list, a not to scale map of the corresponding State/City/Highway comes up.

  • The State map shows the MASS, True Value Outlets, Dealer workshops and Dealer showroom points along with major roads (National Highways and State Highways only) and major towns.

  • The user is also given option of putting ON/OFF the MASS, True Value Outlets, Dealer workshops and Dealer showroom points.

  • These MASS, True Value Outlets, Dealer workshops and Dealer showroom points are associated with Roll over text which the user is able to view on putting his mouse cursor over the plotted point. The user has Zoom in, Zoom out and Panning facility on this State map. (Refer figure below)

Administrative -Module

The Solution also provides Maruti with an interface for adding new points and deleting older points themselves.

The flow for adding new points is as follows:
  • The Administrator is provided with an interface, wherein he can move the legends used for MASS/Showroom/Workshop to the point he wants and then click on submit as shown by the following figure: -

  • On clicking the submit button the following interface for putting in data associated with the point comes up

  • On finally submitting the data again the point gets plotted with the roll over text. q The administrator page has secure login, and the user name and password is provided to the designated person.

    The flow for deleting/updating older points is as follows: -

    q The Administrator is provided with an interface, wherein he can select the outlet, which he wants to update or delete from a drop down list as shown in the fig. below: -

On clicking the Submit button the following interface for updating and deleting points comes up:

On clicking the “update” button the information gets edited.

The solution has helped Maruti to give value added facility to its large customer base and helped them convert the online traffic into actual footfalls.

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