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WEBSITE   : http://www.kcci.org.in


The project was about the designing and development of website which helped in establishing knowledge about various child development activities conducted by UNICEF with the help of documents and documentaries and also by providing suggestions and feedbacks to enhance those activities. To enhance knowledge sharing amongst decision-makers, planners and managers of programmes as well as the public at large on policies and programmes for children and women, the aim of the KCCI website is to create a database of case studies, research papers, articles and indicators related to child development.


The following functionalities were provided to the website of KCCI:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Documents and Documentaries
  • Bulletin Board
  • Discussion Forum
  • FAQs
  • Suggestions and Feedback
  • Links of Partners and Associates
  • Internal Site Search
  • Latest Press Release
  • Latest UNICEF News

    Applications were developed & designed as per the client’s requirements specifications. All the applications were divided into two parts:
    • Website which will be accessible to Public
    • Back office which will be accessible to administrator of UNICEF to control the entire application
    All the system features were database driven and for every transaction, a log is generated which can be reviewed at the later point of time.


    Whenever any project is started it goes through a number of phases. At Compare Infobase we call it a Project Flow. At each stage certain tasks are accomplished from conceptualization to implementation & control. The detailed description of each phase is given as follows:


    A team of Software professionals will carry out the process of conceptualization of the project. After a detailed analysis and reality check, a project line will be developed. This also includes gathering primary information from the client organization through question and answer sessions, personal interviews and observations.

    Visualization & Designing

    Layout templates, color scheme, embedded graphics, target audience, access speed are some of the issues that the team will tackle, Zeroing down on the focus, a set of prototypes will be developed and weighed against their practicality on the Internet. Prototype will be sent to the client for views and approval.


    Issues pertaining to platform for development, static or dynamic, database, content, photography and graphics, programming languages and skill sets to be deployed, are addressed. A matrix is developed to resolve optimum versus ideal paradox for achieving best results. Subsequent to necessary approvals, development is done on a modular approach basis.

    Each module is put through internal and client approval at each stage. Total Development is completed within the stipulated timeframe without discounting quality and compatibility parameters.

    Testing & quality Control

    The quality team does an independent quality analysis singly and jointly for each component and the project on the whole. Client feedback is included at every stage and if required radical decisions are taken to ensure optimized usage of the project.


    The site is hosted on live servers under test environment for internal and client approvals. Load testing, database integrity testing, data recovery testing and other processes are carried out before taking the site live.


    The site will have high security features including storage of sensitive information like password in 128-bit encrypted format. Workshops and trainings

    Our trainers will provide workshops and training to YOUR employees.


    Vision versus actuality matrix is developed and the portal is continuously monitored on the same. Success and failures are explicitly marked. Successes are protected and strengthened and failures are dissected and deliberated upon to evolve a success paradigm for them.


    A successful portal is always on evolution. It has to be serially pregnant to enthuse user interest at every stage and deliver a bundle of pleasant surprises to the end customer.

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