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CLIENT      : HCI, London
WEBSITE   : http://www.hcilondon.net/


During August 2002, it was mutually decided between the offices of High Commission of India, London and Compare Infobase Limited to work together towards revamping and promotion of the website for the High Commission of India, London.


Hcilondon.net was uploaded with the focus of handling the problems and also feature other value-added components onto the website.

1. Website Content Management

To facilitate uploading the data and information on the website through the Press and Information department of high commission of India, London. Using the above interface, any information pertaining to the following issues can be managed like:
  • Maps
  • Business Events
  • News
  • Photo Gallery
  • Press Release
  • Events
  • Bulletin Board
  • FAQs
  • User’s Report Statement
Each of these sections are currently password protected, and using these sections, the website is being updated on a regular basis.

Through the above interface every important component has been made dynamic in nature. The management of the content for the website has been made easier. We have eliminated the process of email forwarding and then carrying out the content management on the website.

2. Website Query Handling Module

To monitor the queries being generated on the website, we have developed a complete system towards it. As soon as a query is submitted to a particular department, an email is forwarded to the concerned person, who then looks further into the matter.

3. Launch of Biz News

Compare Infobase successfully launched the online copy of ‘The Biz News’ Newsletter magazine developed in-house by CIL with approvals from the office of HCIL. Since then every month on Wednesdays of 1st and 3rd week, the newsletters are sent to all the subscribers through e-mail. Presently, there are almost 2000 subscribers of the newsletter.

4. Website Traffic Monitoring Module

To monitor the traffic coming onto the website, we have installed the Website Stats Monitoring software on our server. The URL for accessing the same along with the Username and Password has been provided. Detailed reports can be generated from the software on the following points:
  • Statistics since the site was uploaded.
  • Current year’s statistics
  • Previous years’ statistics
Under the above headings, the statistics can be further studied for Month-wise details of Hits, Files, Page Views, Sessions and the Kilobytes of information sent from the site.

5. Regular Interaction with end users

Based on the interaction with the end users a number of issues were highlighted from the office of the HCI London which were attended and the needful solution provided:
  • Web access for email accounts
  • Monitoring of the queries status being received by various departments of HCI London
  • Password change option added to all the modules of the Back office to ensure that there isn’t any misuse.
  • The PDF documents over various sections were corrected and put in proper format to ensure readability and proper highlighting of the concerned offices.
  • Holidays list have been put into a database and every time the same is displayed to the user five days prior to the date of the holiday.
  • A status report is sent to the Department heads of HCI London for the queries that have been received by each department. This helps the Department Head to monitor the number of queries that have been received and the ones pending for reply.
  • User-friendly interfaces were developed to further help the users onto the website have an easy time while checking the queries received or sending replies to the queries.
6. India Digest

Technology was developed to send fortnightly newsletter in HTML format after receiving the same in PDF format from the office of IANS, New Delhi

7. Events Calendar

The events calendar is regularly maintained for HCI London and Nehru Centre.


  • Daily maintenance of the web site.
  • Content updating.
  • Select National and International news for the website on daily basis and uploading of the same
  • Update Nehru Center events section.
  • Weekly Statistical Reports sent to the officials of HCI London.
  • Promotion of the website on the search engines.
  • User Interface maintenance and monitoring.
  • Maps and Event Monitoring and updating on the website.
  • Companies’ Database updating - Business section.
  • Cross Linkages upgrading for promotions of the website across the search engines and Online Directories
  • Department-wise FAQs revision.
  • India Digest Newsletter (technology support).
  • Biz News (complete content and technology support).
  • Best of the Week - updating on a weekly basis.
  • Website hosting and emails 24*7 monitoring and maintenance.

  • Our Monthly Newsletter ‘ESHQ’
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